The future of a popular music venue in Paradise Valley could be in jeopardy due to a proposed Park County Commission parking ordinance.

The Park County Commission is proposing a parking ordinance for the Pine Creek area that would prevent any parking on all roads surrounding Pine Creek Lodge. On January 24, the commission met to discuss the ordinance and decided to reconvene due to the amount of feedback from the community.

On January 31, the commission held a meeting at the Livingston Fairgrounds where area residents for and against the ordinance were able to speak. Supporters of the proposed ordinance say that the concerts held at Pine Creek Lodge result in several negative impacts on the community and surrounding residents, including litter, trespassing, and the possibility of grass fires due to vehicles parking in the tall grass along the roads.

Park County Commission
Park County Commission

Another concern is that cars parked along the roadway could prevent emergency vehicles from accessing the area, and could result in the loss of life. When I first wrote about the proposed parking ordinance, I didn't discuss the negative impacts and wanted to tell both sides of the story.

According to an article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle,

Park County Commissioners will take it up again on Feb. 14 at 9 a.m. If the document is approved at that time, the parking restrictions will go into effect on June 1.


If passed, the ordinance would ban parking along the following roads in Paradise Valley

  • Pine Creek Road from Highway 89 to East River Road
  • Frelich Lane
  • Luccock Park Road, beginning at East River Road and continuing east for 1 mile
  • Deep Creek Bench Road, beginning at East River Road and continuing east for 1 mile
  • Deep Creek South Fork Road, beginning at East River Road and continuing east for 1 mile
  • East River Road, from Deep Creek Bench Road to Barney Creek Road

When the Park County Commission met on Tuesday, they decided to advance the ordinance that would essentially prevent Pine Creek Lodge from doing business in the future. Some feel that the ordinance unfairly targets PCL. Hopefully, it is resolved to the benefit of everyone involved.

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