Montana recently passed recreational use of cannabis with lots of success. However, just over ten years ago Medicinal cannabis passed with reform to follow that drastically restricted on how it was used medically.  

People in Montana and abroad are now asking the question of whether or not Montana is ready for psychedelic studies in therapy.  

A lot of the old guard would probably say no.  

I, my peers, and people on the internet are thinking so. I’m also thinking this state is more split than people think. In that yes, a lot of people would oppose and a lot of people are open to the idea but are just not vocal about it, which is very Montanan.  

Micro dosing or Psychedelic Therapy is now legal is some US states and research is finally being done to determine if it helps with PTSD, Depression and other metal health issues. Billings and Bozeman have clinics that use ketamine to help people and have benefits they can see.  

According to the National Library of Medicine, these types of drugs and substances do not work the same in the brain as other more addictive chemicals work.  

Micro dosing can at points help hit the reset button. That happens with receptor reactivation. Scientists have seen this type of result with imaging pin pointing the areas of the brain that are affected. 

They’re are ups and downs to this kind of therapy and introducing it scientifically in Montana. Our track record with dealing and treating mental health is getting better, but we also could be more open to experimental methods. 

Leave us your comments on how you feel about Psychedelic Therapy.  

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