Gaming has come a very long way since the 1970’s. Atari, Sega, Nintendo, you name it. It’s all there for people to disconnect from reality for a bit for a little entertainment. VR or Virtual Reality has also been a thing for a while. Coming from movie magic, to arcades, sunglasses, right to our own homes with the advent of Oculus.  

The Oculus has been a mainstay for gaming and virtual meet ups for the last few years. Meta has utilized the headset for its Metaverse since they acquired Oculus in 2014 for all kinds of things, but has been somewhat unattainable for a lot of people because of its high price. Well, at least it has been for me.  

Now, sometimes when creating new inventions, should we ask whether or not we should bring certain ideas to fruition and maybe think a second. I’ll let you make that call.   

I was looking around on the internet this morning and I caught an article about a new headset from the creator of Oculus, Palmer Luckey. 

Palmer Luckey has made a new headset. One that actually kills the person using it.  

Yes, you read that correctly. Kill.  

According to Digg, this VR headset is taking reality to a new extreme. The creator says that he kept this project as secret as he could, hiding it from regulators, other staff, the company itself only to reveal the concept in a blog on the internet. 

It’s all a part of a game currently developed and so far with this headgear, the only thing they’ve developed is the mechanism of which is a triple charge at the center top of the gear to discharge 3 charges straight to the user’s brain. This guy also owns a weapons and defense business winning contracts with governments developing all sorts of implements of destruction that I won't go into at this moment.  

It being in its testing stage, he’s developing an anti-tamper mechanism so it can’t be removed. He can’t guarantee that this product will work properly and he doesn’t have the guts yet to use it himself. As of now, he says it’s pretty much a paper weight and has plans to engineer more things of the sort. Which worries me about the future, because it’s a bit scary. 

You can read more in the Article here. 

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