According to the Associated Press, after being in good health for years, and in a slump in recent months, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has passed away peacefully in her Scotland estate surrounded by the royal family. This marks the end of the 2nd longest monarch in history and now having the kingdom be transferred to her 73 year old son, and be crowned Prince Charles III.

Queen Elizabeth II has been the only monarch that many generations have ever known and was instrumental in rebuilding England after World War II. There are many unknowns that present themselves as the Prince enters the thrown and a new Prime Minister is seated after the resignation of Boris Johnson. There were 15 prime ministers under her rule including, Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, Margret Thatcher, and the latest, Liz Truss.

It was reported by many news agencies that the royal family were all rushed by helicopter to the Scotland estate be by her side as it was reported that her personal doctor was concerned about her health.

According to the Associated Press, The Union Jack has been placed at half staff, The BBC flew a portrait of the late Queen, and played the national anthem "God Save The Queen" on broadcast. They have also cancelled all regular programming. In the same article, they announced that it will be some months before the crowning celebration of the new king will take place as they have no date as of now.

Queen Elizabeth II, Head of England's commonwealth, passed away today at the age of 96.

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