Have you ever heard of a Rock Lotto? Up until about 5 or so years ago I didn’t either. The concept is pretty simple. 

The formula is getting 25 volunteers together that can manage to play an instrument, arrange five band slots, Then you pick at random from those 25 people who will be in those 5 bands during one night of music to help out at charity, or a cause within a community, and its usually set to a theme.  

Missoula has been putting one together for some time now, and I just learned of Havre’s Rock Lotto. 

That Begs the Question.  

Should Great Falls put together a Rock Lotto?  

My answer is yes.   

I only say this because when I was growing up in The Electric City, there were all sorts of venues and places to play music. We even did it in people’s living rooms and called them “house shows” SOMETIMES IN SECRET. This does still go on in certain places and maybe to my blind eye here in Great Falls.  

Ever since the pandemic closed venues here in town, I’ve only seen a few places pop back up or survive to play music again and it made me think of how many acts we used to have around here.  

Don’t get me wrong we still have swell acts that bless the streets with amazing music, but I think a Rock Lotto that’s held annually would breathe a continuous gust of fresh air into our ever-evolving music scene that to took a huge hit from the initial shut down due to Covid-19.  

Let me know if you think a Great Falls Rock Lotto is a good idea. 

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