Social media has a lot of uses, primarily in the eye of most, it’s merely for entertainment and stupid stuff. That’s all well and good, but there’s another area one can take advantage of. General Maintenance! Yeah, that’s right, good old around the house maintenance of almost anything you can think of.  

Is your sink clogged, or does it need a pipe replaced? Does your washing machine or dryer need cleaning? Do you need to re-calk your bathroom tub? Look no further, YouTube can help.  

Like me, you’ve probably had SOME experience fixing things and getting a general Idea of how to from school, remember shop class? I do. If you don’t, that doesn’t matter. You can fix things in your house with little knowledge with just a click of a mouse or search on a smartphone.  

There are many channels and playlists on YouTube for you to choose from and there’s everything from basic to advanced plumbing. Structural repair such as door, walls, interior, exterior, painting, and woodworking to fix your porch, or make that cute stair case so your lil pup can make it up to the bed at night.  

This also counts for the things that work for you. Like your car, the lawn mower, the snow blower can all be repaired with a little bit of know-how and step-by-step instruction listened to and viewed very carefully. Spark plugs, oil, cleaning, windshield wipers and all small and regular engine repairs can be found online. There’s always a way to fix something without a huge bill.  

If you're more comfortable with the pro coming in and fixing stuff, all power to you. But if not, you have the power to save and learn something by fixing your item yourself and saving money all at the same time. Get your hands dirty and start learning on YouTube.  

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