On the local news this morning, I heard that our governor, Greg Gianforte, has joined 20 other governors to have Biden pull the student loan forgiveness.  In this letter, you see that they say that "A high-cost degree is not the key to unlocking the American Dream" and that this unfairly moves the burden of these student loans to people in lower tax brackets.

Does these people even know what your life is if you get a Pell Grant? You are living so lean that they can't even begin to imagine it.  From the looks of this letter, if you're eligible for a Pell Grant, they feel perhaps a job in servitude would be best.  After all, a high cost degree, resulting in a high paying job, isn't the key to the American Dream.

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Bailouts to corporations

This letter is coming from the same people who think the $25 BILLION given to airlines in the pandemic, $12.5 BILLION given to GM Chrysler in '08 and the $700 BILLION given to BANKS in '08 for TARP is perfectly fine.  Use it to bonus your CEO a few million?  Perfectly fineLayoff workers to never hire them back?  Perfectly fine.  Use it for stock buybackPerfectly fine.  But a mere $10,000-$20,000 given to college students is going to break America. As a friend of mine says, that's a freckle on a fart in the scheme of things.

Compound Interest

These loans are compound interest loans.  Essentially, it's interest on interest.  Making progress paying back these loans is very difficult, to say the least.  And giving them to an 18 year old CHILD in the thousands and thousands of dollars, insures these banks money for a lifetime.  The lifetime of the borrower, that is.

PPP loans never paid back

It's pretty easy to find celebrities who were given PPP loans in the pandemic and had them forgiven.  These are people who no more need their loans forgiven than fly a kite.  But THIS kind of stuff is ok with our governor and his one percenter backers.


attachment-ppp meme

forgiven ppp meme

I have to agree with the sentiment of this meme.  A few more PPP facts for you.

Who got them in Montana and Great Falls?

Want to know who got them in MontanaGreat Falls?

Yes, I paid my loan back

For the record, I paid my student loan back.  I paid it back by working 2-3 jobs at a time, not buying groceries or cars, (I rode a bike for a long time, in Montana, in the winter.), not being able to drive 50 miles to see my parents, go to the doctor or buy new clothes for over 15 years.  I don't wish that on anybody, and I'm pleased this is happening.  In fact, I'm happy as hell.  Just because I suffered, why would I wish that on someone else?  Why would I relegate someone to a life of servitude just because their parents are poor?  WTF is wrong with people?

And finally

For all of you rich people who are appalled by this.  Have you not even CONSIDERED the impact of this on the economy?  Probably not because a lot of it benefits the poors.  But, Mr. and Mrs. Richy McRicherson, a lot of that money will go back into your pocket with inflated rent and home prices and that quaint little Pell Grant College graduate buying YOUR used car.

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