How many days a week do you work? Most work five, some work six, some go days without having a day off for a long time and get just two days for their effort. There’s also the four tens work week where you work 10 hours a day for four days and have a three-day weekend.  

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What if one could have a four-day work week, have a paid day off and have the weekend as well? In the UK, according to Forbes, some 70 companies are participating in a six-month test of this four-day work week.  

According to the 4 Day Week Global, it’s working! At this point the UK is at the halfway point of the experiment. 4 Day Work Week has raw data, and it’s all coming in real time. Many organizations are responding to this new work week rather well. Some 88% of organizations say that the four-day work week is going really well. 46% say productivity has maintained its level, while 35% say things have improved slightly. Businesses have reported a rather smooth transition with little to no problems with it. 86% of outfits say they are highly likely to permanently transition to this way of life and work. Team wellness and profit is the Chef’s Kiss to seal it all up.  


In America, things thrive off of hard work and profits with sometimes little regard to employee wellness. Things are getting a little better, but maybe with the end of this study in 3 months, America might test it out as well and see great value in a 4-day work week. Until then, see you on Friday morning.  


How do you feel about a four-day work week? Or better yet a three-day weekend?  

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