Sterilization is becoming a birth control choice for men and women in America in stunning numbers since Roe versus Wade was overturned in June 2022.  More and more young men are seeking vasectomies, and women are trying to get their tubes tied or have hysterectomies.

For a man, you need to have a good talk with your doctor, and chances are very good they will perform the procedure for you.

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It's not the same for women

In Montana, you have to be, at least, 21 to get the procedure.  That's what they TELL you, anyway.  Doctors can elect to make this decision for a woman by refusing the procedure.  They're covered by the same laws here that they can throw at you for refusing to sell you birth control. It also depends on if you have a religious insurance provider.  If you're on government healthcare, you can sign up for one, but then have to wait 30 days to "see if you still want it".

A few states require a MANS permission

Even if it's a same-sex marriage between 2 women, some states require a male's permission for sterilization. One woman said:

“My OBGYN denied me a hysterectomy for my endometriosis on the basis I may want children, with a man, in the future. My wife was in the seat next to me. This is not unusual. This is what it’s like for women.”

Even a husband you MIGHT have someday has more say on a woman's body than the actual woman living in that body.

“[I] told former OBGYN (2004) I wanted mine tied asap after delivery of my last child,” said another mother, “she refused cause I might get married again and my new husband may want children.”

And this happens even if you get a MAN, your partner, to sign the paperwork:

“The surgeon came out to him in the waiting room, when I wasn’t there, and asked him if he really was okay with this? I don’t even know if that’s legal. Even when I’m being prepped for the surgery, someone is going out and asking a man if this was okay.”

This kind of thing happened to my daughter, now a mother of FIVE

So my daughter tried to get her tubes tied in her earlish twenties, after having 2 children.  Then asked again after having her third child.  Then again after her fourth and she was FINALLY granted permission by the doctors who consider themselves breeding gods among men, and got her tubes tied after her FIFTH child.  Before you start calling her names and judging her, she's been on birth control since she was a teen.  She just gets pregnant, really easy and a lot, and the doctors in Montana thought that 5 KIDS was the magic number for her.

There are doctors in Montana where you can have this done

Just keep in mind, it's if they agree with you, and IF you go before they take that right away from you as well, and we go back to the dark ages where you need a man, any man will do, but a man's permission.

Here's a picture of how old a woman has to be before she can make her own decisions about her body:

nurse gives a senior woman the midicine



Okay, okay, I'm kidding.  For now.

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