When heading into the web for this article and doing some digging, it probably should have been headlined "Pinterest Is The Devil" instead.  This rabbit hole of a website has more pull than anything in space when it comes to killing time.  Finding Halloween costumes wasn't any different than any other time I have typed that website into my browser.  There are hundreds of ideas.  Thousands probably.  But thankfully, you don't have to head into that hole.  I have a few ideas for you after falling off that ledge.

Thanks to Pinterest though, there really are some great ideas out there.  However, some of those seemed to be a little out there in relatable terms if you were to see them at a contest.  Elvis and Priscilla Presley were towards the top of that list.  Even alt rocker Avril Lavigne was listed.  So instead of those, lets hit some easy ones that you still have time to put together.

Movies and TV shows are simple and thankfully we have many to choose from that seem to be popular right now.  Stranger Things, Top Gun and Hocus Pocus are pretty easily done from home.  Find that old bomber jacket, slick the hair and grab the sunglasses and you are ready for the need for speed!  Or, green suit, belt and shoes, you can hit the flight deck!

Look for others from Thor, Lord of the Rings and anything that has to do with Game of Thrones.  These again lend themselves to pretty easy stuff you can find around the house.  Same for the show Yellowstone.  Who doesn't have some chaps, boots and a good old brush popper to throw on!

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There are always the classics that work for both the adult and the younger generations also.  Ghosts, witches, goblins, mad scientists, princesses and of course any of our furry friends are always great to see at the door.  Bears and lions and tigers oh my!  If you want to go all out, check the gallery below to see ideas and for what the stars have done for Halloween.  Remember to keep the weather in mind, and make sure you aren't impeding your walking ability or sight  and grab that flashlight!  Happy costuming everyone!

Halloween Costume Ideas - Celebrity Party Costumes

Simple costume ideas for Halloween. We are talking really simple. Dad's shirt, ribbon for bow tie, bath towel for cape kind of simple. Take a look and maybe not hit that panic button quite yet, we might have a simple fix for the holiday. Celebrities on the other hand, go all out!

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