On December 12 of this year Ulmer's Auto & Truck Service announced that at the end of this year (Dec. 30) they will be closing their doors after more than 75 years in service.

Clarence Ulmer opened up the shop in Great Falls November 3, 1945 and ran the shop until 1980. He had a dream to provide automotive service to the electric city and did just that.

According to an article in the Great Falls Tribune, he handed the business off to his son Gary in 1980 and still came to work until the day he died. Clarence has long passed, but the family tradition continued. Gary, Bev, and Greg Ulmer have been running Ulmer's providing full service to Great falls.

Gary and Greg Ulmer both started working at the shop around the age of 10 doing whatever they could to help the family business and have been working there for pretty much their whole lives. Gary has been the owner, Greg the manager and foreman and Greg's mother Bev worked in the office.

They have employed many over the years, and always had jobs to do. They always take pride in the work they do for citizens and the service industry. They always wanted to stay on the cutting edge of technology as the automotive industry became more advanced.

When I was in school, Greg gave a presentation of his trade explaining the new things they had to learn to keep up with the future. The article from the Tribune also highlights that as well. I've had the pleasure of know the family as my father has been friends with Greg and his father all my life.

The Electric City is grateful for their service.

We have their statement of the closure below.

Ulmer's Auto & Truck Service
Ulmer's Auto & Truck Service

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