When I was a kid my mother had all her culinary secrets stuffed in a book that at any moment could burst because everything we had ever made was in there. All of my relatives had rolodex upon rolodex for recipes that could make anything you want. My grandpa teaches me recipes strictly from memory. That's all good in well for them, but as a person that once was knee deep in the restaurant biz especially in back of house, I've been taught so many recipes and ways to cook something that at some point I quit remembering all together and to have a book or something to keep for my food repertoire, I would need a landmass filing cabinet.

These days my new recipe best friend is social media. I'm pretty much the cook in my family, and personally, I like to dazzle my people with cool food concoctions. Food recipes online right now are on fire. You can find anything you could possibly want for a dish and multiple people have a uniquely different take on it. Nachos, Stews, soups, I've put together some good stuff, and you can too.

I use TikTok a lot for recipes, descriptions are under two minutes, they fully explain how to cook something and use the average home appliances that a normal house would have. Just hit the search bar, and literally type anything you want to eat, and hit enter. Last week I made Egg Drop Soup with success. Egg Drop Soup is kind of a tricky dish, and I was pretty proud of myself. This week I'm going to make a mean chicken pot pie. It's not just TikTok, you can find them on any platform and You Tube can help with an intuitive breakdown if you're not so culinarily inclined.

You can see last weeks Egg Drop Soup recipe below.

Get Cookin'.

@christieathome Easy 10-min. Egg Drop Soup. Recipe link in bio 📝 #dinnerrecipe #recipes #easyrecipes #goodfood #foodie #soup #soupseason #souprecipe #eggdropsoup #chinesefood #chineserecipes #chineserecipe ♬ fish in the pool・花屋敷 - ヘクとパスカル


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