If you are looking for a way to help Montanans impacted by historic flooding, here are a dozen verified GoFundMe pages to donate to.

Historic and Devastating Flooding in Montana
Jackie Gerdts-Njos

Catastrophic flooding in both Park and Carbon County has left many Montana residents in need of help. Several GoFundMe pages have been created as a way to help those that have been affected by flooding in Montana.

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The GoFundMe Trust and Safety Team have been proactively working to verify and ensure that the fundraisers are legitimate and that the money donated gets to Montanans that are in need.

The Trust and Safety team has verified over two dozen fundraisers which have already raised over $100,000 for Montanans impacted by historic and devastating flooding.

If you are looking for a way to help Montana flood victims, we have put together a list of verified GoFundMe pages and contact information for the organizer of the fundraiser.


Verified GoFundMe Pages For Montana Flood Victims

The GoFundMe Trust and Safety Team will continue to monitor the platform for more fundraisers and will work to verify them as safely and quickly as possible.

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