What IS fear?  

Is it losing physical attributes? Losing family members? Is it the unknown? 

Fear is subjectively different for everyone, but its universally felt within everyone walking the earth, even the bravest of people. The way it’s defined and portrayed can be one and the same, and we can all agree one fear as whole.  

Me for example, I wrangle with fear on a daily basis. My wife asks me what it is I’m afraid of, and I try to explain it, sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I manifest it out of completely nothing, my job is going well, my home life is fulfilling, but sometimes I walk around with anxiety or existential dread. I think they mean the same thing, but the ladder I think is worse. I may need a therapist.  

Children and sometimes adults have a fear of the dark. Is that the fear of the unknown, a monster? A fear of nothing but the space you can’t directly see physically? A quasi Tetraphobia that cripples you while you lie in bed, or address something one doesn’t understand.  

Something like that happens in this modern age of internet when people's fears translate into real life out of propaganda and misinformation straight from the web.  

Lately it’s translated into people losing lives both physically and figuratively losing families due to echo chambers of misinformation and denial. People talk or blog about how we are in the Twilight Zone in real life, and things of the past are better through some kind of rose-tinted spectacle.  

Is addressing fears in a modern age become a place where people point fingers to take care of a situation that they full do not understand and use positive thoughts as a distraction from actual conflict resolution?  

Or do we just fear ourselves looking into a mirror?  

Can “Not scared, Bro.” turn into “I’d like to understand.”? 

It's something to think about.

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