Today I'm thinking about folks who had made plans months ago to visit Yellowstone National Park and can't because the park is closed. But you're out here in Montana and have to find something else "touristy" to do.

Well, for starters, we do have another national park. But I don't know if there are any "tickets" available. In case you didn't know, you have to make a reservation to go through Glacier.

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And I googled "top touristy things to do in Montana". I'll give you a couple that didn't sound terrible.

Try one of the many hot springs that this state has to offer. If you are anywhere in the 406 while reading this, then you are fairly close to hot springs.

I would also tell you to check out the capital building in Helena. They offer tours. But unless you're from Montana, I don't know how interesting that would be for you. Unless... you watch Yellowstone and have seen some scenes shot there. I'm guessing that John Dutton runs against his love interest this season. And she is the current governor.

Montana State Capital Building in Helena Montana
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Museum Of The Rockies in Bozeman is recommended. The traffic in town is not.

And if you are bound for Great Falls, please tell me it's to see Giant Springs State Park and not the mermaid bar.

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