Money is tight now more than ever and people are feeling it in America currently with almost all consumer goods whether that would be physical or online.

Which begs the question I saw on Reddit.

What is simply not worth paying for? You can find the comments and the full article here.

These Items or services both necessities and luxuries. Everyday things that have become expensive in recent years that I, and people seem to think shouldn't be so expensive, and things that plainly shouldn't have a premium.



Whether they are cellular/smartphones, or they are still landlines, people all over the planet pay a significant premium for the physical appliances and it's service. Phones, especially smartphones cost as much as a house payment, we are talking in the thousands of dollars. when you can have the same effect with a 100 dollar phone. According to some of the comments on the reddit article, it comes down to memory on the phone.




Many would say that this is a hobby. Maybe it is, but people need shoes to walk around and shouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to have them when they tear and wear out almost at the same rate.


HDMI Cables and Chargers

People these days need chargers and ways of transmitting data, and companies understand that all too well. One sees this looking around in retail stores, gas stations and online when they go to buy new or spare cords. All this gear is way too expensive compared to it's planned obsolescence.

Meet and Greets


We are getting back to that luxury argument again, but when you see some of the premiums that artists charge to meet them, it starts to get ridiculous when you LITERALLY get the same experience if you happen to meet them on the street. The only different thing is they don't usually turn you down when you ask for an autograph when you pay upwards of a quarter million dollars(*cough*Adele) to hangout for a few minutes. Again, a luxury, but are they really worth it?

Cable TV/ Streaming Services


Everyone wants to watch all cool new shows out there. However, when you think about it. There are only a handful of shows people watch, which leaves you with a bulk of entertainment that one doesn't even touch. Take my dad for example: He got satellite TV just to watch the History channel and car shows on Saturday morning, leaving him with 200 other channels he actually does not watch. Streaming services are creeping into that territory as well, which puts in question the value of TV.

Online Dating Sites


You're probably reading this as a married person, and have been since the mid to late 1900's. I however met my wife online and we hit it off. When I was online dating, there were pay walls and services one would have to pay for to get more results. I didn't feel any of it was worth the money because I used online dating to break the ice or get my foot in the door if you will. The rest was up to my shear wits and charm. I paid once for premium access to a dating site which yielded no results.


What other things can you think about that aren't worth the money it asks for? Let us know on social media.

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