We have been receiving some good news on concerts and events coming soon to Missoula. Summer concerts are announced daily.

  • Jimmy Eat World has announced a show at Big Sky Brewing Company on July 11th
  • REO Speedwagon just announced a show at the Adams Center on May 7th
  • Robert Plant and Allison Krauss on June 20th at Kettlehouse Amphitheater

That is just to name a few. Who knows what other shows may be announced soon.

Right now I want to look past 2023's lineup and speculate who might be coming to town in 2024. Which we already know will be a dreaded election year. Except there is always one thing about an election year that we can hope for. That is the possibility of Pearl Jam touring.

If you take a look back at previous times Missoula has hosted a Pearl jam concert, it has always been during an election year. Particularly years that Jon Tester is on the campaign trail. But why?

We all know that Senator Tester and Jeff Ament are buddies. With a friendship that dates back to their youth growing up in northern Montana. There have been many times that Pearl Jam has played shows that coincide with the Tester campaign.

Jon Tester was elected into the US Senate in 2006, shortly after Pearl Jam played at the Adams Center in Missoula.

Pearl Jam returned to Missoula 6 years later for another Adams Center show in 2012. The same year Tester won his first re-election campaign.

Pearl Jam returned yet again to Missoula in 2018 for a GIANT show at Washington Grizzly Stadium.

Recently there has been rumors of Jon Tester retiring. But, just a few weeks ago on February 22, 2023, he announced that he would seek a fourth term in the Senate.

Does this mean we can bet on another Pearl Jam concert?

Fingers crossed.

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