During their Montana State Fair performance Wednesday evening, Cheap Trick lead guitarist Rick Nielsen sprained his ankle early in the set. Around 9:30pm mountain time after switching guitars, they started into another song. Suddenly we see Nielsen rush to take a seat at the drum riser to finish the song.

As soon as they dropped the last chord, there was a band meeting and what seemed to be confusion between everyone on stage. The stage crew assisted Nielsen off stage, and lead singer Robin Zander told the crowd that Rick sprained his ankle, and he's going to get that checked out. They continued their set playing classic favorites like, "Ain't That a Shame" and "California Man".

Half way through the set, Robin Zander stated Rick Nielsen will not be returning to the stage and was being transported to a local hospital for additional assessment of his ankle, and started back up playing "The Flame".

As of writing this article, it is unknown of Rick's condition or if this will affect further Cheap Trick dates that include Rick Nielsen. Despite Nielsen not being present, Cheap Trick rocked the house until about 10:30 with amazing lead guitar from the frontman's son, Robin Taylor Zander.

To add a little humor with a cherry on top, Robin Zander ended the concert with, "We're almost Cheap Trick, Goodnight!"

After the Montana State fair, they head to Redmond, Oregon for The Deschutes County Fair where hopefully Rick Nielsen will be back on his feet. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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