Rome, Georgia is a quiet little town with a house the Duffer Bros chose to film Netflix’s Stranger Things 4, The Creel house is the setting for when Henry Creel went to the dark side in the show. I caught wind of this from The Nerdist. As you may have seen, this 140-year-old house was shown in shambles and as a beautiful home in the TV show as the main lair for the powerful Vecna. 

The scenes with the Stranger Things kids in the upside-down made this house the ultimate in terror during the show with all the rot and tentacles they could digitally pack in every shot. Once you have a look inside, you can see the scenes fro m the show come alive if it's still fresh in your mind.  

Built in the 1840’s, this place is truly something to behold. Victorian Architecture, salt water pool, Bocce ball court and tons of history. For the most part it still has its original luster, some things updated for the times obviously, the kitchen and bathroom are updated with great care to the original spec of the house. 

The originally named Clairmont House is one of a few properties in the limelight from the Netflix show that have either been up for sale or available for a spooky fun Airbnb rental. I’ll also direct you to the article Tammie Toren wrote about Will’s house so you can see more “Hawkins” properties. If you have enough in your wallet you can pick up both properties. Sans brick through the front door. 

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This 1.5-million-dollar house seems to be too expensive for some, but talking with Nick Northern earlier, he expected the property would be at a minimum of 5 million just on the pedigree of Stranger Things alone. 

You can see the Byer house here 

Vecna/ Stranger Things House

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