Pizza is always a good choice when traveling or just not wanting to cook. There are many choices, some good, some not so good, and some that are always a classic no matter the day.  

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In Great Falls, some people would not expect to have good pizzas, some wouldn't expect legacy, local and beloved pizzerias that people love going to in some cases every day.  

In the winter time, it’s always a good feeling that one can go grab good quality pizza on the fly and you can get home out of the cold and decide that a night in PJs and good pizza is sometimes better than preparing food and being knee deep in dishes.  

If you're visiting our lovely town, and do not want to get the same thing you can get at home, there are spots you can go to be impressed with culinary delight. 

There are some great places here in town that will get you a fresh pie that’s off the beaten pizza path. Some are franchises, others are mostly local, all are amazing and delicious.  

A couple of them are a bit unorthodox as was as take-out pizza is concerned.  

One is Papa Murphy’s. Great awesome pizza but you’ll have to do a bit of cooking as it is a take and bake pizza place. You take it home and throw it in, and cut yourself. A great deal of people in Great Falls love this concept because it cuts on cost.  

The other is Sam’s Club. This place is an inexpensive but quality pizza option you can grab and it’ll always be a hit.  

Look below in the gallery for my favorite pizza places and leave us comments on social media.

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