April 5, 1985 Great Falls, Montana was changed forever.  A simple pizza delivery that resulted in murder.  A murder that has remained unsolved to this day.

Morris Davis, a 23 year old driver for Howard's Pizza was making deliveries.  On the night of April 5, 1985, he never made it back to the restaurant.

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Here's how the story has been passed on through the years, with some help from Unsolved Mysteries Wiki.

Mr. Davis made a delivery to a home in Great Falls.  Unknown to Howard's Pizza or Davis, the home was unoccupied at the time.

Witness reported seeing Davis outside of the house.  The investigation concluded that Davis was shot as soon as he entered the residence, then turned and tried to run away outside.  They think he was then shot again, then dragged back into the house and shot more.  All together, he had 8 gunshot wounds.

Police believe the murderer took the for sale sign down in the yard then broke into the home. Then went to a payphone, ordered the pizza and laid in wait.  After he shot Davis several times, he stole his delivery wallet.  Morris's personal belongings remained with the victim. The murderer got less than $300.

When Davis didn't return to Howard's, they sent another delivery driver to investigate.  He quickly found Davis in the abandoned home and called for help.

Sadly, when police arrived on the scene, one of the officers immediately recognized Davis because he was his brother.  They got him into the ambulance, but sadly Davis was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Three years later, police believed they had found the gun used in the murder at a local pawn shop, but in 1995 ballistics proved that was not the weapon used to kill Davis, as the test in 1988 mistakenly concluded.

In 1995, Detective John Cameron released the name of a suspect he had in this cold case murder, Donald DuBray.  DuBray had been convicted in the 1986 stabbing death of convenience store worker, Suzette Pritchard. Unfortunately, DuBray never confessed to the murder, and he died in prison in 2016, possibly taking the answers around this murder to the grave.

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