I have seen a whole lot of TikTok videos, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts about Montana in general. Most of them are clever, funny, and clearly not accurate. People spend a lot of time telling people not to move here using the ol' "dem bears will get ya" line. Which I suppose could happen, but not as likely as they make it seem.


A friend of mine sent me this Instagram post the other day and I have watched it repeatedly. It's by far one of the best. Yes...yes...I know he is not from here, but he clearly has the "vibe" down.

Clearly, he is joking, poking fun at the "west coasters" that move here because we all know, no one is naming their black lab Amadaus, they are naming them Bridger.

I will say, I have never really met someone who talks like this. But I have definitely seen this flat-brim hat fashion disaster time and time again. I clearly missed the boat when it came to the "I just pulled this "vintage hat" out of my parent's chest in the basement" look.


Sometimes we are a bit harsh to our transients, but it is all in good fun. Laughter is good for the soul and I am pretty sure if we went to a big city we would be a bit of an outcast as well. Or people would think we were filming for the 2023 version of City Slickers.

Either way, thank you @mattslyon for creating this video for us "Bozemanites".

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Beautiful Montana Cabin For Under $300k? Yep, But There's A Catch

This cute cabin set in the highly desired Hyalite Canyon is listed at $243,000 is a steal of a deal, BUT it does have some stipulations. This remote cabin is a Forest Service cabin and has apparently been standing strong since the early 1900s and is rumored to have been built as a retreat for nurses in 1911.

You will find that this cabin comes with power, phone service, gravity-fed spring water, AND a strongly built outhouse.

So what are the kickers? Unfortunately, Forest Service Residents CAN NOT be full-time. So what does that mean? Basically, you can live here part-time even though you would own the home. You can not make a profit off the house, either personally or commercially, so for the time you are not living there, you also can not rent it out and make some extra income off of it.

There is no financing available for this purchase, as the cabin doesn't qualify for it, you must be a cash buyer.
Lastly, you must be able to obtain an "FS Special Use Permit". This is required because, although you would own the cabin, you WOULD NOT own the land the cabin is on. The land will still belong to the USFS.

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