Have you ever thought of checking out abandoned properties and houses? Maybe not because generally, they’re walled off and posted as private property. I tend to stay within boundaries myself because in Montana, private property means PRIVATE PROPERTY. However, a lot of people around the country have an element of adventure in their blood and find things long abandoned and tucked away in thick forest. Many are just random houses and some are abandoned famous places. 

One channel on the YouTubes is from adamthewoo, this guy goes to places you might find interesting. One is the abandoned Nickelodeon Studios in sunny Florida. This facility closed its doors in 2002, adamthewoo cracked the doors open around 2012, and it looks like everyone dropped everything the day before. As you look, you see all the staples of the golden area of Nickelodeon. Control rooms, escalators, TV show sets, and audience seating. The lights turned on as well. Who knows who still owns this property and why they keep it juiced up. It's weird but also quite interesting to see something one dreamed of going to as a child, abandoned with no guards or anything in such a ‘time capsule’ manner. If you’re a Nickelodeon child of the 90’s this is a definite must watch.  

Imagine working in this building when it was up and running. The murals alone spark my imagination and made me feel right at home. If you were a kid seeing this office space, I imagine it would spark inspiration that would last a lifetime, and I’m sure it as engineered with such aspects.  

Here’s adamthewoo’s video for reference.  

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