Growing up in the 90's was very interesting. It was a time of renewed liberation, it was the heyday of Nickelodeon, MTV, and the doomsday clock was at an all time low after the end of the cold war.


For awhile, people's creativity for entertaining children was plentiful even more so then than in the 1980's, some may disagree, I was not a part of the 80's for all that long.

What I do know is that just before the internet took over the attention of everyone including kids, there were still cool stuff and cool things to do.

It seems creators took a lot of liberties and ties from their own childhood in the 80's to make all the crazy toys and TV shows we loved from back in the day and morphed them into something that we wouldn't ever think of today.


Take Ren and Stimpy and for example, this show would never pass a children's show these days with all gritty animation grossing everyone out. One could say the say the same for Beavis and Butthead because now-a-days they are an adult animation show. There were toys like Creepy Crawlers where you would bake rubber bugs and spiders with a dangerous plastic 200 degree oven, and the art supplies that had a smell to them like grape or root beer.


However, once Y2K hit, everything was cyber this and megabyte that in a sea of futuristic silver shine doing away with the wacky slime-laden aesthetic.

I found  TikTok channels I frequent on a nightly basis.There they have slide shows accompanied on occasion by the Enigma song Return to Innocence, they show things you may have forgotten about. It's all there, Cherry Coke in a can, those bandage chewing gums, and Lisa Frank stationary.

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Kick back and take a journey with me back into the 90's with these lovely TikToks.

@themillennialtok Now That’s What I Call 90s PT 20 #90skids #90sthrowback #90sbaby #90skid #millennialsontiktok ♬ Gonna Make you Sweat (Αs performed by C&C Music Factory) - Pop Music Workshop

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