It's a new year, some may have resolutions already lined up and on their way to success. Some really enjoy ways to improve themselves in the light on a new clean slate. I will admit it's very empowering to have goals and to meet them with success.

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Others like the idea of resolutions, but may have worries about meeting the new implemented goals, or may have unrealistic expectations of goals.


One new years resolution I had for years was to quit smoking. I would tell myself that I would quit, but failed to do so even by the end of the first week. I did end up quitting, but it was for other reasons and it worked.

According to the Discover Happy Habits webpage, odds are against people trying to put new years resolutions in place.

It says that on average about 12 percent of people actually follow through and meet their goals, 9 percent feel like they were successful, and only 52 percent of the 41 percent of all people setting goals feel confident enough to meet their new years resolution.

That's a lot of numbers to think about, I won't worry you with anymore of those statistics to juggle around in your brain, but its something to maybe think about.


With all of that, maybe in 2023, one can start with smaller bites. More of year to build up on goals brick by brick. My physical trainer always liked to build piece by piece. I had trouble seeing that goals can be met on micro level, after a while, one can see the change happen.

I like to think of it as breaking down the larger goal, and make small benchmarks to benefit the overall goal. Smaller wins equal bigger success!  It's a good change to culture relying on instant gratification.

Take a step back and breath. Use the time to focus on the positive. You will get there.

Happy New Year.


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