Last week as you may know got dangerously cold. I myself had a lot of down time inside the house, I had plenty to do on my days off. One thing I thought about but didn't do was throw boiling water into the air to see the marvels of science. The kid and I talked about doing it but instead we caught up on Duo Lingo.

However, I did see a lot of people on the internet do a boil toss.

According to LiveScience, It's totally possible to vaporize water in mid-air If the air is cold and dense enough. they show a video of a woman vaporizing water in Canada at negative twenty-two degrees fahrenheit, which we matched and exceeded last week in some parts of the state at -55 degrees fahrenheit.

I found numerous videos on social media of people around Montana, they didn't disappoint in the results. Air got dense enough to make spectacular examples of the energy of water in cold weather.

Let us know if you tried this experiment in the cold last week, If you did send us photos and video of what you did!

@foxweather COOL! It’s cold in #Montana. How cold? Take a look… #winter#boilingwaterchallenge#snow♬ original sound - FOX Weathe

@alisha_mattheis Because today is the coldest day I ever remember it being.. #yellowstonefans: Do you still want to move here we did the boiling water in freezing temps challenge.. Did it work? #fypシ #povstories #HolidayOREOke #yellowstonetv #bozemanmontana #familytime #entrepreneur #trendingvideo ♬ Happy - DJ Keblinger$


@meaningfullylost Realfeel hit -40 today 😅 #winter#montana#cold#snow#boilingwaterchallenge♬ original sound - Jordan Skattum

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