This week my wife and I had lunch with the kid at East Middle School. They are holding this all week for students, parents, and the school to connect and be involved with each other and the community. It's pretty cool and the school does it three times a year. We plan on going multiple times this week because as a family, we love it.

This time, I opted we go through the lunch line.


To our delight, it was Taco day. Well fitting for a Tuesday.

I remember the lunches being a little bit smaller growing up, usually it is the opposite with a lot of things, alas I asked for a double, and a double I got.

This was a lot of food, it ended up being four tacos, rice, carrot cup, cucumber cup, two chocolate milks (RIP my gut) and a bag some kind churro chip that I found very lovely.

As I said earlier, This was a lot of food and I am used to having an hour for lunch because its only logical to have time to eat, I forgot this is middle school and we got about 30 minutes to eat. I don't think I've ever felt more full walking out of somewhere like I did today, and I just might skip an afternoon snack.

All in all, I'll give school lunch a 10 out of 10. The lunch staff work pretty hard for those kids to have a delicious meal and it shows.

Thanks East Middle School.


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