We had a lot of snow pile up on us here in the electric city recently, people are tying to figure out fun stuff to do with it all. One suggestion I saw in a Reddit post was cross-country skiing in and around town. It may seem a little unorthodox to cross-country ski in city limits, but hey, it's winter in Montana. At the expense of digression, I did see a gang of dudes riding snowmobiles in the streets just the other day. The person from the original post had the obvious suggestion of going to King's Hill, but other had ideas of places right here in town. I saw a couple good suggestion and I came up with a couple of my own.

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Gibson park

This was a suggestion from the comments, and a pretty good one at that. After a good snow fall Gibson park can provide plenty of terrain for some good runs, and one can always head over to riverside park for additional untouched snow. The trail most likely will be somewhat plowed for people to hike on, but right around that perimeter should be some good skiing.

West Bank Park

The City put together a pretty good park for people to do a number of thinks like picnic, folf, hike and play. However in the winter time, the only thing you could potentially see is a bit of hiking. So that leaves some great powder to have a good ski session. A few laps should provide plenty of distance.

Wadsworth Park

This park is just out of city limits, but it's close enough. With the snow pack, and the perimeter going around Wadsworth Pond, I imagine this would be a good spot to take a few laps. According to Google, Wadsworth isn't too busy and since it's winter, I can't see you bumping into too many hikers.

Meadowlark Country Club Golf Course

The course on this section of land is vast and open for some urban cross-country skiing. There's access right off of Alder drive, and one has plenty of space to ski around. Check your signs around the perimeter just in case there's places one can't tread, and have respect of the grass and terrain as to keep the course in tact for when people use it to golf in the future. I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone is golfing in this weather, so the powder should be fresh.

Let us know if there's some good places we didn't mention on social media!

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