Coffee is a pretty big deal here in Montana. People here get up early and love their coffee. It's super interesting to ask people about their favorite coffee spot, Some go to the same spot everyday whether it would be at the gas station, a coffee hut or a full blown cafe.

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Take my family for instance, my wife loves to hit City Brew. She will sometimes hit that place twice a day and rack up all the points for free stuff. I'm more of a Wheat Montana kind of guy and all I get is a drip coffee or an Americana.

I'm sure you have a place to go every morning for a cup of hot jitter juice, and they know you by your preference or name.

However, if you're like me, and like to change it up all the time, there is a great deal of different cafes and roasting companies from which you can choose.

You can pick from the way it's made, to where they source coffee. whether or not ethically traded and they will show you the credentials of which it was sourced, roasted, and whether it's free trade coffee.

Some cafes and roasters have the roasting process right there on site for you to see, and one can even pick and choose type of coffee, and the way it's roasted. It can indeed get to an exact science.

All this might or might not be your speed, but nevertheless you can grab great coffee all around Montana and I have a few in the gallery down below to get a good start.

What's your favorite coffee joint here in Montana?

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