Many times when thinking of Halloween movies, it's always about the scare factor for them.  But what about the younger generation coming up?  Showing something like the Shining, The Exorcist, Halloween or a plethora of other titles to my grandson isn't going to be happening for a few years.  So what to watch with our young ghosts and goblins?

In starting the list, I was amazed at the amount of animation type movies that were out there for this holiday.  There are a ton!  They also run every age group.  Toddlers, children, tweens, even some for the older generations.  Yes, even for us adults.  I had to include a few of them for this list.

As with my other lists, this is by far from the definition of all the great ones out there.  Everyone has a preference when it comes to what constitutes too scary, too adult-themed, etc.  But I did try to catch something for all the age groups.  Some classics, some newer, but all family friendly to enjoy as you carve your pumpkins, decorate with spiderwebs and munch on all that candy you should be saving to hand out on Halloween night.

Check the list below to see what made the cut, and even a honorable mention for a couple that I just couldn't not make note of.  What is in your movie library for you and your family this year?  Hit me below with the app download link if you don't have it or you can always comment on our socials.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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Halloween Movie Favorites For The Kids & Young Adults, Even The Adults!

With Halloween month in full swing, which movies are great for all the ages? Check the list and see if you missed something in your collection for the month of October.

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