Yesterday saw the premiere of Halloween Ends in theaters and on streaming service Peacock. This ends the trilogy Director David Gordon Green set out for in 2018 picking up from the original 1978 film starring Jamie Lee Curtis. When they announced the first movie, Jamie Lee Curtis described it as “Full Tilt Boogie Man”. Halloween Kills brought the deaths of all past central characters including Tommy Doyle and sparing Laurie Strode. Now with Halloween Ends, this brings the horror series to a not so screeching halt.  

Halloween Ends begins with Laurie Strode coping and trying to move on four years after the incidences of the last sequel, Halloween Kills, as I said before ended in a blood bath. People in Haddonfield as a whole seem to be moving on as well, but also blaming weird coincidences and mysterious deaths on the curse of Michael Myers, including the first death which introduced new character Corey (Rohan Campbell) being accused of murdering a child whom he was babysitting, in an unfortunate accident involving a door and several flights of stairs. Laurie’s Granddaughter Allyson has a new carrier and doing very well, as for Michael you will learn later that he’s lurking in Haddonfield’s sewer system like the creep he his, but this time I think he’s depressed and confused on what he wants to do with his life.  

Corey is a misfit freak in town after that babysitting incident and gets beat up around every corner. He and Allyson final meet up and fall in love with each other due to their situations of trauma. They decide to leave Haddonfield and said trauma behind to start new.  

One night while getting his ass kicked, Corey falls off a bridge and get dragged into the sewer system by, guess who? Seems as though Michael Myers transfers his dark evil to Corey and the teenager finds a new purpose in life. With both him and Michael Myers hot on the path of destruction during Halloween, Laurie Strode figures out Corey has the eye of the Michael, and takes action.  

By this point all hell has broken loose YET AGAIN, but this time Ms. Strode is prepared and nips it right in the bud to finally put the killer to rest.  

There’s a lot of spoilers in here, but the biggest one of all is saved for the end, which you have to watch. Like I said earlier, there's a lot of mixed reception to this final movie and a lot of people feel it’s a letdown. I personally found it to be very entertaining because it explores more than just blood and guts. 

If you choose not to head to theaters to watch Halloween Ends, it’s currently streaming on Peacock. 

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