Thursday, the select committee to Investigate the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol held their eighth and final hearing. There were predictions from all over the internet and news junkets to what would transpire in the final hearing after all these months, plus a delay during Hurricane Ian.  

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They want to discern the state of mind, motivation and intent of former president Donald J. Trump, to find out what information he was privy to and what he had to gain by letting riots continue on that January day.  

They presented a recap of all they had and televised during the last seven hearings and also brought up new info including how the Secret service had knowledge of the Oath Keepers and how they were prepared with munitions not far from the capitol prepared to take over at Trump’s notice.  

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They explained that some 30 direct witnesses have come forth and pleaded the 5th to protect themselves from self-incrimination in specific questions in their dealings with the former president. Some of those names include, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, John Eastman, Jeff Clark, and Ginni Thomas, Wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  

The Icing on the cake, if you will, is that the committee has Subpoenaed Former President Donald Trump for documents and testimony under section 5-C-4, House Resolution 503, clause 2M, rule 11 of The House of Representatives with 9 aye’s and zero no’s on recorded vote to move forward. This means that Trump will have to answer upon the actions of January 6th 2020. It has yet be seen if Trump will actually show up and say anything as he has dismissed the claims like all the other cases he’s up against. It is yet to be determined if the committee will take their findings to the DOJ as they will have a full report at the conclusion of the committee at the end of the year.  

A Look Back at the Jan 6th Hearings

A Getty photo retrospect of people and hearings involved with the January 6th Committee.

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