According to Joe's Garage website, Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day.

How much caffeine do you consume on a daily basis? Mine varies from none to a staggering rate of 4. Sometimes I forget to make coffee and I’m somewhat good until 3pm. Other days I have two cups of coffee and a coke zero, and when that happens my anxiety goes through the roof. My fitness coach says that it isn’t a good idea to have caffeine before bed even though I like to have a soda during the evening. 

My question is, how much caffeine is too much caffeine?  

A lot people say that depends on a number of factors. Weight, tolerance, caffeine content. I’m a bigger person and caffeine affects me a great deal and for the most part, I’ve sworn off energy drinks.   

I was looking on the internet and things in front of me to see what they had in them. I have a Mountain Dew Zero here and it has 113 milligrams of caffeine per 20 ounces of soda which is one bottle, My cup of coffee I had an estimated 125 milligrams due to it being brewed with a French press, and my favorite cold brew method produces 155 milligram coffee. Better for my digestive system, but worse for my nerves.  

According to the FDA, a person can, or is recommended to consume 400 milligrams of caffeine per day, that’s about a half a pot of coffee. After that, the FDA says there are a multitude of reactions one can get. I Get two of those side effects after 1-2 cups of coffee which are dysphoria and anxiousness. Do I switch to decaf? Not sure, but I do know I need a little kick in the morning.  

How much is too much coffee for you? Comment on social media. 

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