Christmas has a lot of complex meaning for everyone. Religion plays a huge factor for a lot of people, and family is always important. Memories and tradition form into the way one celebrates Christmas as you grow older and have your own families. I have lots to be thankful about this holiday season, It’s the first Christmas as a married man, the third Christmas as family. My family is the best thing I could ever imagine.  



I’ve tried to pin point what my favorite thing about Christmas for many years since I have been an adult, past traditions, friends, that certain thing your parents cook every year. That stuff is all great and is still important to me, but now I feel a little differently.   

When was growing up my mother always said that Christmas is for kids. We were not and still not a very religious family, so in place of the ceremonies and midnight mass, there would always be presents, games, cookies, movies, and general fun with something to do. As I grew out of childhood, she continued to remind me of that. Christmas is for kids. It’s something about keeping the wonderment of the holiday season, the magic of Santa and just being a family. In early adulthood, I didn’t think about it much because it was just me for some time.  



It wasn’t until this year that I learned my favorite thing is to see the joy of the kid thinking about Christmas. Watching movies, setting up the Christmas tree, and us knowing we will have an awesome holiday season.

I finally really understand what my mom still talks about. 

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