JD isn’t the only one with new ink lately. I attended the Women’s Expo the other day and got a new tattoo. I was broadcasting from the expo teasing that I might get a tattoo. My co-workers and my boss apparently heard me.  

For about an hour they asked if I should go to the Alpha tattoo booth and grab something, but I brushed it off. Then my wife came and we walked by the booth. The kid said I should get one, and to my reluctance, everyone agreed.  

So, what did I do? I signed up for the tattoo. I talked to the people at Alpha Tattoo, showed them what I wanted and sent them a proof for tracing.  

 I had to wait for about 45 min, so I got a snack and walked around. As soon as it was my turn, I couldn’t get in the seat fast enough. I’m a person who loves to get tattoos. This time I decided to get a bucket list tattoo, which in this case was a King of the Hill themed tattoo. Some friends of mine and I always discussed getting King of the Hill tattoos but never really had any solid ideas. Good ones, but never solid.  I searched around and found one, not an original idea but a good one. A Bobby pin. If you know, you know.  

As I sat in the chair and had the stencil put on my upper arm, the artist said it was one of the coolest and funniest tattoos she had dealt with. Funniest maybe, but coolest? Debatable. My co-workers and family took pictures and laughed, it was hard for me to not laugh and sit still. It only took about 15 minutes to etch out and IT DIDN’T EVEN HURT just in case you were wondering.   

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