With many memories, we often look back with rose colored glasses.  It seems that you look through them regardless of the circumstance.  Perhaps that slide at school wasn't really that big.  We really didn't have bigger snow banks growing up.  Chopping wood really wasn't fun.  Some memories though, we remember very clearly like they were yesterday.

My First Time

As with rose colored glasses, many times we envision events that will be happening and hope that they are perfect when the time does arrive.  Proms, starting for the varsity team, your wedding day, a birthday party, and yes, your first time.  It seems like it really was only yesterday that I happen to be at a party of friends in a garage.  Several couples, music, refreshments, it was a great afternoon.  I had always wanted to do the deed but nerves and second guessing what everyone would think of me would put the brakes on it.  This day though, this was the day.  After several encounters, I suddenly found myself in this room full of folks with a person that I wanted to be with and have them be the one.  After some serious thought, I put pen to paper and came up with a plan.  So there, in a friends' garage, everyone cheering us on, I dropped my pants and we went at it.  The time had come for my first tattoo.

The Experience, The Result

While it was an experience, I really didn't get the whole "this is what I envisioned my first tattoo" would be like.  While I was with friends, there is always the aspect of what I might do in front of them as someone continues to ram a flaming hot exacto knife into my calf.  Biting down on leather came to mind at one point.  Yes, don't let folks fool you, it hurt.  My first artist was a little heavy handed, as you can see in the photo below.  While this isn't an award winning tattoo, I do have a great story to tell about it and the person behind it.  In case you are wondering, the ace represents my very first hole in one on the golf course.

JD Knite
JD Knite

New Ink, 15 Years Later

I am heading out for a new tattoo with my wife this week.  After spending time with the artist, viewing the shop and seeing other work, I am confident that this will be much more of what I had hoped for in my first.  I will be posting up the results later on to see what you all think of it.  In the meantime check out the gallery below of celebrities that regret some of their ink and hit me up in the comments with your first time experience and what you would do differently, if anything!  Happy inking everyone!

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