Once again the lottery is offering a prize that is unimaginable.  The current Powerball Lottery (set to be drawn Saturday October 29th) is conservatively estimated to top $800,000,000 dollars.  That is correct, seven zeros in that number.  Some analysts think it may even top $1,000,000,000.

The tickets cost $3 each or $4 if you add the Double Play option.  Tickets are sold all over the United States and in almost any grocery or convenience store in Montana. So my question to you is: Will you buy a ticket or tickets, how much will you spend on lottery and what would you do if you won?

The payout for an $800,000,000 lottery in Montana would be an estimated $337,208,000 according to Lottery Critic that has provide us with this Lottery Calculator.

I want to hear what you would do with the money.  I would do the following:

  • Payoff my bills and my immediate families bills
  • Set up trusts for my kids so they can be financially secure
  • Invest some of it
  • Upgrade my furniture, vehicles, etc.
  • Buy a few luxuries
    • ATV
    • Boat
  • Oh and, put all of my new things on my new 10,000 acre Ranch

I would then take the $250 I have left a buy two tanks of gas since my new vehicles and toys will need that to run.  It is hard to fathom, but a person can dream right!

Of course all of this goes with the caution to NOT gamble what you can’t afford.  The odds of winning the Powerball Jackpot is just under 1 in 300,000,000.  Kind of long odds if you ask me.

Good luck and if you win, give me a call.

Please send you answers to me via email at randall.bogden@townsquaremedia.com or put them on our Facebook page at KMON Radio

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