People like to hunker down for the winter, but we all dream of when the weather breaks here in Montana. However, we have a little time before spring hits.

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Now is the time to plan vacations, roadtrips, and fun weekends once it warms up a bit here in the state of Montana. A lot of Ideas come to mind when I think fun in Montana, only some are out of season at the present moment.

I thought of a few things with some inspiration on social media and the internet in general I think you'll agree that a fair amount of these are quite family friendly and don't require much in order to have a pretty good time.

Hot Springs

With spring comes runoff and some hot outside hot springs are washed away and it's a bit cold outside. However, there are indoor Hot springs here that are open year around . One that comes  to mind is Symes in Hot Springs, Montana. It's a lovely quiet place to spend a weekend with the family and they have lodging right on site.



Gem Mining

Gem Mining is fun for everyone and if you reserve a spot now for somewhere, you can avoid the headache of it being all booked up come spring and summer. Trust me, they get pretty busy. Gem Mountain in Phillipsburg, MT comes to mind. They have a pretty sweet facility up there.



Visit The Libby Dam

Get out and get some fresh air and breath taking views at the Libby dam. It's a place to get out and stretch your feet take some pictures, and hike some trails around the vicinity of the cam itself.



Garden of 1000 Buddhas

Visited by many around the country and the world this meaningful place will help you find your inner zen with the best views Montana has to offer just outside Missoula, MT. the view of the sculptures are even better in person.



Craft Beer Tour

There's always time to grab a pint, especially for a staycation. If you want to venture further out of town, Montana has a diverse selection of craft beer from around the state and when spring rolls around everyone has something new for you to try.


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