The news of the death of guitar master Jeff Beck at the age of 78 of bacterial meningitis came down this afternoon to the surprise of the whole world.

This came unexpected to the planet as he was still on top of the world. He was on world tour recently with Johnny Depp and later with ZZ Top here in the states and there was NO signs of stopping.

Many artists in a lifetime across all median can inspire a legion of different individuals in many ways, Jeff Beck laid the ground for countless tangents of music throughout his time on the planet. With Beck, there was no limit on how one could make an instrument, in this case, the guitar sing. His hands, his technique laid the path for rock, metal, fusion-jazz, and blues rock

Jeff Beck was born in a town just outside of London, England during the last parts of World War II. According to Wikipedia, Beck sang in the church choir as a kid and busted on the scene as a professional musician in the early to mid sixties. He would later replace Eric Clapton in The Yardbirds.

Throughout his career, he was at the epicenter of electric guitar innovations including using the predecessor to the Talk Box dubbed "The Bag" you can see an example here in the tune, She's a Woman from Blow By Blow.

I had to do some brushing up on some Jeff Beck facts, according to Wikipedia, Beck dropped the use of a guitar pick in 1980 and the ethos of his playing became more and more legendary as he opened the canvas up to infinity.

With a lifetime of albums to listen to, he made a beautiful mark on the world no one will forget.

Rest in Power Geoffrey Arnold Beck.


A Big Fan.


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