This is a question people ask me a lot, especially ones who "don't partake".


I feel like it's a legitimate question, especially since at times one can be perceived as empty headed.

As I write this, I assure you I'm sober as bird, I write that with humor, but it's true. My account at this point is of a straight memory.

For years, thoughts and dreams would fluctuate between inventiveness, humor, fear, wonderment. Thoughts for me seem to float in and out of the brain while on cannabis, so after awhile I would literally write them down to remember them at a different time and expand upon them. Some Ideas were good, but a lot of them I would stare at the page thinking I was writing in a different language.

Other thoughts can turn another way and be anxiety driven especially when one partakes while reflecting on a work day or an encounter you had with a particular individual. One's thoughts can hit a tangent for hours worrying about literally one thing.

Did I shut the stove off?

Did I say something to that person to make them mad? They did look at me funny.

Other times you can stare at a tapestry, a work of art, even trees and be amazed, then you look at your watch and realize you've burned an entire afternoon. Pun intended.

If one goes to the dispensary now-a-days, there's a professional behind the counter to help someone with getting the right cannabis to help with anxiety. the last thing one wants is a bad trip, am I right?


Next time you know someone to be "on the pot", ask them how they are doing and what they are thinking about.

Delicately now, we don't wanna scare them.

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