On Monday artist Jack White's label Third Man Records announced that they will be releasing a re-issue of stoner metal band Sleep's 1999 album "Dopesmoker" on vinyl with, get this, real, actual cannabis leaves from Doghouse Farms Premium Cannabis pressed right into it for the first time ever. According to Third Man Records posted the 22nd of August, this pressing will only be available at their Detroit storefront. Other pressing will be available including just a regular pressing available for pre-order soon, as well as the unreleased song "Hot Lava Man" being available on Digital Service Providers such as Spotify on Friday August 26th.

This "Weedian High-Fi" pressing is one of various new ways Third Man, and other pressing plants are independently breathing new life and access to physical media everywhere, and I for one welcome this sort of thing, cannabis or no cannabis.

This has been a long road to glory for Sleep. They've enjoyed renewed success and life over the last 10 years after laying dormant for just as long. This reissue disc is just as special. They recorded "Dopesmoker" in 1995 and 1996 after signing with London Recordings. London decided that the record was unmarketable and too long, discouraging the band enough for them to disband in sadness.

Since then the album was released under the name of "Jerusalem" and then back to "Dopesmoker" in other forms and labels of which Third man released a Vault edition which I had to have.

Since their return, Sleep have released " The Clarity" and "The Sciences" to add to their coveted catalogue and are all highly collectable.

As stated before, this new cannabis-infused pressing will only be available in store front at Third Man's Detroit shop in person. If your willing to make the drive and happen to get one, it will be a nice addition to your collection.

If you didn't click on the link above, check out additional info and pictures of the disc on the Third Man Records website HERE.

Check out my copy of the Third Man Record Vault edition of Sleep's "Dopesmoker" below.

Big Billy's Third Man Records Vault copy of the Dopesmoker LP

This coveted edition of the famous album was only available to club members and had a low pressing count.

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