Yesterday our family finally put up the Christmas tree, and adorning it with all the awesome ornaments.

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There's always a formula and order to putting them on, and its different for everyone. We like to use an artificial tree. That's two reasons. First, the cats. They tend to leave the fake tree alone, and second, we eliminate potential fire hazards of a real tree.  we put on the garland and the lights. They are usually not traditional colors, the light are always purple or pink and we put up rainbow garland. We get all of that thanks to Target.

When we finally get to the ornaments, we do unbreakable ornaments first, then sentimental, and lastly breakable. My wife loves to put up the sentimental ornaments because she loves to reminisce about ones crafted by the kid and one she has had since she was a child.



Myself on the other hand, love the non-breakable because they're the less traditional type of ornament. We get those through out the year on the internet and again, Target has a great selection of non-traditional holiday hangs. I always like to hang them front and center, and have to playfully fight for real estate on the tree.  We have food ornaments, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and internet meme ornaments. These look pretty good, and always get a laugh when we put them up.

I'm not sure if this is a thing in other house holds, but we have to protect our precious ornaments from the cats. We never put loose ornament on the first two levels from the ground. lights and garland are just fine.


Below you will see my favorite ornaments, what are yours? Comment with pictures on social media.

Big Billy's Favorite Christmas Ornaments

My favorite ornaments for the holiday season. I love them for their less traditional qualities.

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