Throwing away the appropriate trash might seem like a given, right?


However, one can't throw away just anything. Some people think they are the exception in my neighborhood alley. I see anything you can think of. Beds, tires, car parts, boxes, even big, major household appliances like washers and dryers, and even a whole couch somehow stuffed into a dumpster.

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At times when seeing this, I think of stuff you can and can't set aside of stuff in the alley trash bins.

I decided to check for myself to see what the regulations were on city trash right here in Great Falls.

According to the Sanitation division of the City of Great falls there's quite a few things that one is unable to throw away even resulting in a fine that can get pretty steep and may even result in jail time if its sever enough.

One can most definitely avoid jail and certainly fines by just simply adhering to the rules and regulations put together by the city of Great Falls.

Some if not most of these prohibited items can affect groundwater, soil composition, animals and even humans.

I only have a few examples coming up in the gallery but there are many things you have to take a second and think about before discarding them which may include scheduling a pickup or hauling it to an appropriate facility to dispose of and will most likely involve some sort of fee.

You can check all of the regulations for Cascade County and The City of Great Falls here and here.

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