It's winter and maybe you can remember a family member telling you to get a sweater or a blanket when you're freezing in your home, I know I do. In some households, if one touches the thermostat, it can be punishable by death. I'm only kidding, but in all seriousness, that things stays in one place for many reasons including saving money on bills.

In my household, my wife has a competition with her mother every fall to see who turns on the furnace first. First one to turn it on, loses.

I've seen on Reddit that Montanans indeed have as an average temperature and it depends on whether it's day or night and whether or not they have a newborn, a toddler, or an elderly loved one in the household.

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It seems through over a hundred comments that the average temp during the day looks to be about 68 degrees during the day, and during the evening it drops to an average of about 65 degrees.


We have people on the warmer side of things keeping their temp a nice and toasty 75 degrees, but that's for the babies and grandparents I was talking about earlier.  There are exceptions to the average settings, some people like to keep the setting a little bit lower on average and set highest at 62 degrees during the day and a brisk 50 degrees at night. This helps keep the cost ans consumption down with propane heated dwellings. They are a common thing here in MT still, people still do live a bit off the grid.


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