Friday the 13th is upon us!

For many, that's a day they have to be careful around every corner, skipping every crack, being mindful of that black cat crossing the road. It's considered the unluckiest of all days.

For me however, it's a day of celebration for my all time favorite horror and or movie franchise Friday the 13th. There's also and added bonus this year, it lands on my 36th birthday. I couldn't be more tickled for this day to come. I hope you visualize the evil smile across my face as I write this.


This obsession for me started in the early 90's watching USA: Up All Night with Rhonda Shear as she hosted late night horror movie marathons that included random showings of Friday the 13th. Was I old enough to tune in? Maybe, maybe not. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

When my aunt caught wind of my fandom, she told me the story of how she worked on the set of Friday the 13th Part: VIII as a costume designer.

One good story she had was that she hosted a table read for the film in her apartment. She had the director, producers, and some of the cast there. She and Kane Hodder whom at the time was playing Jason, cooked up a scheme to scare everyone by cutting the lights to the apartment and having Jason pop through the patio door and scare the holy guacamole out of everyone. Needless to say, it worked. After that story, I was a lifer.



I like to rank my favorite Jason flicks repeatedly every so often when I find new things I love or hate about each movie. Lately, my list has stayed pretty solid. A lot of people disagree with my ranking, and can never find the rhyme or reason for my list.

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There will be honorable mentions at the end of my gallery because I don't feel that a couple movies fit in the canon, but I still really enjoy them.

I'm taking the day off on the 13th to just chill and watch Friday the 13th movies with the kid because they have the day off as well.

Jason's birthday is in June, but my birthday is in January, AND HE’S GONNA BE THERE!

Where does your favorite Friday film land on my list?

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Big Billy's favorite Friday the 13th movies ranked.

This is a list of how I ranked each movie in the original franchise with mentions of outside works.

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