As soon as the news of a Pantera reunion came everyone covered it from A to Z with questions all around because everyone including me had that same question. How can there be a reunion of Pantera without the Abbott brothers, Vinnie and Darrell? There were rumors that were denied up and down with no answer officially from the band or any representation thereof which led me to believe that there would be problems and we would wait a great deal of time for everyone to get everything together.  

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Rex Brown denied the mention of Zakk Wylde taking the place of Dime and no one knew who would fill the shoes of Vinnie Paul. But sometime after that, lo and behold, Zakk Wylde IS a part of the new reunion, and to boot, they added Anthrax’s Charlie Benante to fill the void of the late Pantera/Damage Plan/Hell Yeah drummer.  

With all of that in line, people on social media seem to take this news very well from what I see. For me this seems like a very good fit in that Zakk Wylde was a dear friend to the late guitar player from reading articles in Guitar World from when Dime was alive.  

With Zakk in the seat comes Grady Champion. Dime’s guitar tech from when things began to the night tragedy struck in 2004. He’s back and he has Dimebag’s guitar rig ready to go for Zakk to wail on for the upcoming tour.  

What else would he use, but the rig all the beloved tunes were recorded and played. Grady Champion with be right there making sure things are preserved and tuned for all to enjoy.  

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Ola England uploaded a video of a tour of Dime’s guitars in appreciation of his fandom, and it also gives us a glimpse of what can we expect of Zakk's borrowed rig for the Pantera reunion tour in the coming months.  

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