For almost twenty years, social media has been at the hands of many users whether they admit it or not almost constantly. In that time, it went from just the youth of the world now to being the most ubiquitous tool a person can use to get ideas out, search for news, or simply buying things. That’s really easy. Now, there is a weird problem, maybe not a problem but a kind of post social media environment that humanity refuses to acknowledge. 

When social media was it its heyday, I was in college and getting on board with a new platform was the hip thing to do, especially when it was crowd sourced. It was like a grassroots movement of information transfer that people wanted to be a part of and everyone had a different idea. My favorite was Ello. It’s still around but not as popular as most sites, it’s a place where art students hang out and share ideas and projects. I check it from time to time if I remember my password.  

Now-a-days I would think of social media as a form of a wasteland. That may seem pessimistic, but in current times there are warnings at every post, if one fairly new to social media, they can get into meaningless fights for hours, chest beating until the troll gets bored. It can also turn into the perfect echo chamber for millions of users.  

I wrote an article last week about fear. Fear can play a big role in social media today, even bigger than any dictator or physical media have ever accomplished in a quarter of the time.  

Trump has his own social platform, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you now know that Elon Musk now has control of Twitter. He boasts freedom, he yells change, but at this point we’ve only seen this guy use his new-found power for his financial gain, and using his company to basically control the world economy. It seems now TikTok is reportedly data mining America after it’s fully infiltrated mostly everyone including political figures and celebrities.  

People are kind-of starting to wake up to the bane of social media, but will they shift off, or just evolve its tastes?  

Elon has also gained the attention of Anonymous, that's never a good thing if you are in their cross-hairs. Do they warn of things to come?


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