Things are getting tight for former President Donald J Trump. This week he’s on the campaign circuit supposedly endorsing Republican candidates for the mid-term election, but all it’s been lately are sweaty claims that the US Government is planting and stealing his property from his Florida estate Mar-a-lago. 

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Over the last few months have been quite interesting, after the legal search warrant that uncovered several documents that belonged to the National archives, the former president has tried to fight tooth and nail to cover the findings of the federal government and stop the DOJ from investigating these documents with little to no avail.  

He was granted a special master to get said documents, and that back fired when he was required to have reason to have said classified documents. The DOJ has filed appeals to duck and weave Trump’s legal roadblocks quite successfully. They also have speculated that the former president has more documents at different properties the Trump Foundation occupies. The DOJ currently are still proceeding with the investigation as Trump still says that all documents are his and his alone, he also states the FBI has planted evidence which confuses everyone, which has been a tactic of the former president since the 1980’s.  

Well, the future is now old man, and everyone’s watching.  

Recently, Trump has made the claim that former presidents as far back as Reagan have been hoarding classified presidential documents in various unsecured locations throughout the U.S. including George H.W. Bush and his bowling alley. According to Reuters, The National Archives and Records Administration has debunked the former president’s outrageous claim outright by stating, "Reports that indicate or imply that those presidential records were in the possession of the former presidents or their representatives, after they left office, or that the records were housed in substandard conditions, are false and misleading.". 

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I’ll be here paying attention diligently and subside only when Justice is served. 

Until then expect more updates.  

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