Things have been quiet since 2020. The back half of 2022 had countries, travel, and businesses open back up from the pandemic lock downs. Don't get me wrong, things have been open, but It's taken a bit to come back to normal. Can this year be the year of Revenge tourism? "Revenge tourism", or "Revenge Travel" were terms I saw on the internet relating to a Huffpost article about travel. It's where people will be traveling in large numbers to destinations trying to "get out there and see stuff', which experts insist is natural after being cooped up for a while and being urged to stay indoors. According to the article, they say people will no longer take open states or borders for granted in the thought of travel.

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Montana usually is big tourist destination for obvious reasons, we're The last Best Place. A lot of the state's income relies on Montana tourism and I just wonder if Montana is geared up for a heavy season? More than likely we are as a collective state, but are our brains and physiques? I say that laughingly, but with a little seriousness.


Canadian tourists will arrive more so then they have in recent years on account of travel bans and mandatory testing loosening and going away. Bigger towns, the national parks will be occupied and your favorite fishing spot might be sabotaged by someone in a rental car, and it will probably get frustrating because we love having people enjoy themselves, but in some cases we want it to be somewhere else.

I'm saying as Montanan, be ready for a busy summer. There's going to be a lot going on,  try to have fun with it.

Let us know on social media how you deal with tourist season.


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