Over the last six moths I realized that I was carrying too many things in my pockets.

I wondered if i could dial it back a bit. At one point was carrying a pen, a lighter, my wallet, phone, pocket knife and headphones and did it all without extra pockets with a jacket or what have you. As time went on, i discovered it wasn't easy going anywhere because i would have to pack so much. My wallet was bulky, and my phone is as well. The keys and the pocket knife was so heavy that I needed a belt.

I couldn't get on the minimalist wallet train for a couple reasons, the decent ones are very expensive, and my old wallet held such sentimental value that I just couldn't get rid of it. Cheaper pocket knives for some reason are more bulky and heavier so I decided to store it in my backpack and that's not convenient for everyday carry. I had to rethink my situation.

In recent years things started to get easier and more compact in size, pocket knives are getting better and so are wallets. I finally got a gift card for minimalist wallet over Christmas and finally got around to getting a decent pocket knife as well as things to organize my keys that acts like swiss army knife which made the volume of my everyday carry go down quite significantly. The phone unfortunately got bigger with the last upgrade, so that didn't improve. However now I can carry things while wearing shorts and be comfortable doing it, and this time I could leave the belt at home. Now, I believe I've won the pocket game.

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